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Tiki Express Tutorials, notes or security related informations.
A good part is related to Tiki Wiki, the complete web application builder.
Other are related to the technologies used with my ready-to-use Web Applications.

It is time to update your Tiki ! (Tiki 16.1, 15.3 and 12.10 released)

Author: Bernard Sfez - Published

A new breed of Tiki has been released a week ago and the Tiki Community urge every user to update as it solve critical security issues. LTS (Long Term Services) versions are concerned, 12.x and 15.x, as well as the under going development 16.x branch so you got no excuses. With so many improvement and a few regression and bug fixes it is in your best interest to upgrade as those version not only contain security fixes but hundreds of small improvement, enhancement and regressions fixes.

The process is pretty smooth and doesn’t require that much knowledge thanks to the Tiki Install/Update process and your data will be safer as well as your files. As usual do backup of your database and if you feel it is too complicate for you ask from the Tiki Community for help, contact me or check the Tiki consultant list to have it done.

Skype being heavily targeted this end of year

Author: Bernard Sfez - Published

Skype the popular text, voice and video communicator has being targeted several time on several platform since October 2016.
If you were on Windows and Android it is now several weeks you are urged to update your version of Skype. Since an old backdoor was also found (by Trustwave's SpiderLabs analysts) on Mac OSX version it seem that everyone should update skype, period.

Skype, acquired by Microsoft for $8.5 billions in 2011 was born in 2003 (only) but became rapidly a very commonly used application with 300 millions of users, around 20% of adult Internet users are Skype aficionados! With such penetration, simple breach or hack have a huge impact on the entire community. Not infected system are getting spammed and must defend themselves or be defended while all this have a cost and decrease Internet performances. The virus infection come with a slow wave propagation. While this may fool some of us (we are not affected at the same time) this give a good advantage for those who are away from the source and by the time the virus or hack affect the system that they are connected to or may received information from they should have updated or upgraded their own application.

WikiSuite, one "Open Source Software Suite" to manage your information and communications

Author: Bernard Sfez - Published

WikiSuite (in one word) is a complete Free Open Source software and tools collection integrated into a Suite. There is no short way to say it but let's start with headers: Serve, Protect, Manage, Communicate, Share and Publish your organization's data using well-reputed software and tools assembled for that purpose. Yes it does all that and frankly, after years of trying to find one tool to fit the small/medium business common needs without investing in licences and IT team to setup, support and maintain their computerized system it looks like a seriously valid option. Most of the time, organizations or businesses have a different purpose than managing servers, databases, teams, emails, social networks and security but they need to use, share and manipulate data to achieve their everyday goals. WikiSuite is a good candidate to help you lower the resources (budget and staff) as well as security and privacy stress (you are in control) without scarifying the quality of the tools your organization is working with and yes it competes in several sectors directly with Office 365 or Google Apps for Work.

Drupal modules vulnerability, THE third party plugins issue (again)

Author: Bernard Sfez - Published

Drupal is calling upon its users to patch a dangerous remote code execution hole that can easily let attackers hijack sites. The content management system has some 15 million downloads, compared to WordPress with 140 million and Joomla with 30 million. Drupal is deployed on big ticket and business sites including nine percent of the world’s 10,000 most popular sites.

If Drupal core is not affected and not all sites will be impacted, the issue is again raising the question about third-party modules/plugins/add-ons that are not part of the core (code) but may cause significant damage to the project itself, your users, your business, all your hard work.... It is critical to review published advisories (July 12 2016) to determine if any modules you currently use have been flagged up.

Security update: Tiki 15.2, Tiki 14.4 and Tiki 12.9 released!

Author: Bernard Sfez - Published

The Tiki Community has released updates to all current versions of Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware. This update addresses a critical vulnerability found in third-party code that is included with Tiki. The update also includes many fixes and updates.

Special thanks to Mehmet Dursun İNCE of www.invictuseurope.com and to Robert Abela of www.netsparker.com for their cooperation and assistance in reporting the security issues.

We highly encourage all Tiki administrators to update their sites to the latest Tiki versions: Tiki 15.2, Tiki 14.4, and Tiki 12.9 LTS.

Visit https://tiki.org/Download to update the latest version.

Tiki Wiki 15 successfully launched

Author: Bernard Sfez - Published

I’m pleased to announce the release of Tiki Wiki 15, the latest LTS (Long Term Support) version of Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware.
Tiki Wiki15 brings numerous new features, enhancements and bug fixes and completes the transition to the Bootstrap framework for easy theming and smart device full support.

As the release manager of this version I can proudly say that the team did a very impressive work to deliver a very stable and free bug version of Tiki Wiki CMS. We did more than our best to track and fixe regressions as well as bugs and already hundreds several (as well as bsfez.com of course) have been successfully upgraded and are production. After 20 days of intensive usage I can confirm that this release of Tiki Wiki kept its promises to deliver to our broad user and customers base a robust web application they can rely on.

Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware 15 is beta !

Author: Bernard Sfez - Published

Tiki next LTS (Long Term Service) generation is almost final and is coming out with excellent report of almost none regression nor problem regarding the dozens of new features and options. With 194 commit between alpha and beta the team successfully nailed all the blockers and improve several key features within Tiki Wiki.

More information about the changes and the new stuff is available at Doc.Tiki
Tiki 15 Beta is available at SourceForge.
If you catch a bug during your install and test, please report at Dev.Tiki.