Bernard Sfez blog and notes

Tiki Express Tutorials, notes or security related informations.
A good part is related to Tiki Wiki, the complete web application builder.
Other are related to the technologies used with my ready-to-use Web Applications.

Troubleshooting Tiki Wiki, Tiki settings

Author: Bernard Sfez - Published

In this Tiki Express Video Tutorial I explain how to troubleshoot Tiki settings using the Profiles export tabs, Tiki logs and how to clear caches.

Troubleshooting Tiki Wiki, Requirements and Server settings

Author: Bernard Sfez - Published

In this Tiki Express Tutorial we'll see together where to find Tiki Requirements, how we can display php, mySQL and the servers settings from Tiki23.
This is the first of a mini-series to help admin when their Tiki is not working as expected.
In this TikiWiki tutorial we will focus on requirements and Tiki server check.

מערכת ניהול מאוחד חדש בטיקי גירסה 23

Author: ברנארד ספז - Published

בסירטון הדרכה הזה ניראה יחד את מערכת הניהול המאוחד החדש ב-טיקי 23.
אני גם אראה כיצד להתאים אישית את לוח המחוונים החדש ולהתקין את מודולי ברירת המחדל שמגיעים עם הפאנל החדש.
סרטון זה מלווה בכתוביות באנגלית בצרפתית ובעברית.

Nouveau Backend d'Administration Unifié dans Tiki

Author: Bernard Sfez - Published

Dans ce didacticiel Tiki Express, nous verrons ensemble le nouveau Backend d'Administration Unifié qui a été introduit dans Tiki23.
Je vous explique également comment personnaliser votre nouveau tableau de bord et installer les modules par défaut fournis avec ce nouveau panneau.
Cette vidéo est sous-titrée en anglais, français et en hébreu.

New Unified Admin Backend in Tiki

Author: Bernard Sfez - Published

In this Tiki Express Tutorial we'll see together the new Unified Admin Backend that has been introduced in Tiki23.
I will also show you how to customise your new dashboard and install the default modules that come with the new panel.
This video has CC and subtitles in French and Hebrew.

What’s new in Tiki23 - TikiFest Virtual 2021 live sessions

Author: Bernard Sfez - Published

Discover the new Tiki23 that will be released very soon and follow this video of the live feed of our Big Blue Button room.
From the 2nd to the 5th June 2021 Tiki users and other interested people meet to discover, share, discuss and code together. Discover the new
More details at: https://tiki.org/TikiFest-Virtual-2021.