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Tiki Express Tutorials, notes or security related informations.
A good part is related to Tiki Wiki, the complete web application builder.
Other are related to the technologies used with my ready-to-use Web Applications.

Automate tasks and let Tiki do the work

Author: Bernard Sfez - Published

We have noticed that too many people are wasting time copying cells, tables, and fighting to fit them into a document that needs to be converted to PDF, and then finally sent. This is one example but it is the same for working time calculations, overdue payments or subscriptions, keeping up with daily health declarations (due to Covid-19 regulations), etc. With my Tiki solutions, you can automate tasks and the program will calculate, compile, notify users, change item status (expiration), create reports, and more. Leaving you more time to get other things done! Tiki, the web application generator, the web application generator is totally configurable with dozens of tools. It is able to import your existing data, allows you to curate it, works perfectly with mobile, and is multilingual. We value your time! Let Tiki do the work and use your free time to do more for your business, increase your time management, and quality of life. Contact me for more information.

Tiki and Git, fork and merge request

Author: Bernard Sfez - Published

Hello internet I’m Bernard Sfez a Tiki specialist and in this tutorial we'll see together how to work with Tiki and Git the easy way using your fork and creating a merge request. This tutorial is aimed for developers new or skilled, designers, translators or anyone willing to contribute to the Tiki project.

In this Tiki Express tutorial we’ll review together;

  • How to create your project at Gitlab
  • A quick explanation about Security and Gitlab
  • How to mirror the Tiki repo in your project
  • An overview of the workflow
  • How to install a local Tiki
  • How to create your branch
  • How to commit your code
  • How to push it into your fork
  • How to select you default branch
  • How to create a merge request on the Tiki repository

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Virtual TikiFest 2020

Author: Bernard Sfez - Published

The Tiki Community will join together for a Virtual TikiFest June 2020.
As it has never been done before, for this virtual TikiFest we are trying a kind of new concept — with no traveling involved, there are no constraints regarding locations or timing.

The date of the event is still under discussion, check : https://tiki.org/TikiFestVirtual2020

Several tasks, discussions, topics are being discussed:

  • Profiles Revamp
  • Vue.js
  • Tiki sites Improvements
  • Endangered features
  • Web browser accessibility

The plugin List in Tiki

Author: Bernard Sfez - Published

The plugin List, a wiki plugin that can return and output data from your Trackers, File Galleries, Forums, Blog, almost anything in Tiki. In this Tiki Express tutorial we’ll review together;

  • The Tiki Unified Index
  • How to refresh the Unified Index
  • The pluginList control blocks
  • We’ll create our first simple pluginList
  • How to use smartly the ALTERNATIVE block
  • How to configure a pluginList using a table template
  • How to configure a pluginList to display files and a carousel
  • How to use it with a Smarty templates
  • The debug tools available for the plugin List

How to Bootstrap a Tiki

Author: Bernard Sfez - Published

In this Tiki Express Tutorial will review together;

  • The basic about theme, CSS modules, Look and Feel panel.
  • We'll review the different ways I'll give to bootstrap a Tiki.
  • How I do using the wiki syntax and wiki plug-in.
  • We'll create a custom 404 page as example.
  • How to use a wiki page as template.
  • How to integrate this template using the plug-in list.
  • How to use a Smarty template.
  • And same how to integrate it in a wiki page.

Tiki Permissions and Groups

Author: Bernard Sfez - Published

In this Express Tutorial

So in this Tiki Express tutorial we’ll review together;

  • Why do we need permissions
  • What is a role and how to use Groups
  • How to assign a user to a Group
  • How Tiki assign permissions and the common types of permissions
  • The global permissions
  • The object permissions
  • The Tiki plugin Permissions
  • Use the plugin group to apply different permissions inside a page
  • An overview of advanced permissions for categories and trackers

Tiki Trackers - ItemLink, ItemList and Dynamic ItemList field types

Author: Bernard Sfez - Published

In this video we will review together the differences between very important trackers field types;

  • The ItemLink
  • The ItemList
  • The Dynamic ItemList.

I will also demonstrate how to use them.
And first I would like to start with sixty-seconds of recent Tiki news.

Tiki and Git workflow

Author: Bernard Sfez - Published

In this video I’ll talk about:
Tiki installations options
How to install Git on your computer
How to pull a Tiki branch from Git without all the history
How to Upgrade, how to check status, etc.
Git Workflow for developers
What is changing for SVN Tiki contributors
How to create your fork and setup your branch
How to commit and submit your changes
How to create a merge request and submit it for approval
How to keep your branch up-to-date with the rest of the code
Cherry-Picking (backport)
Edit your commit message before push