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SEO, SEM, affiliates, socials, ads, analytics, CPC, PPC, ROI... Do you need (to understand) all this ?

Bernard Sfez -

Building a website is not a goal (or may be in very few case) by itself. I often see people requesting a Website... a nice one, with their logo, colour chart, have a slider, bootstrap, etc, etc. But if I ask: "What do you want your website to do for you or your organisation" ? I got a 10 seconds silence with eyes looking for someone else in the room to answer my question.
It happen a lot and that’s ok. Yes that’s ok and it’s our job as project managers, to understand our customers needs and to help them without wasting their time or money. It is to us to analyse and understand what is going on Internet and Digital Media, fields that are constantly changing and evolving. They got their business, their branch, their day to day task to run, maintain and complete !

A website is a part of a company strategy or a tool for an organism you setup for a purpose. Once you know what your website should do - how it should interact with your company, your employees, your customers and volunteers - then you can think about how and if you need people to find your website or something inside it. In this article I would like to share my experiences about "what you can do" directly rather than what and how serious SEO/SEM consulting company can to help you.

WikiSuite, one "Open Source Software Suite" to manage your information and communications

Bernard Sfez -

WikiSuite (in one word) is a complete Free Open Source software and tools collection integrated into a Suite. There is no short way to say it but let's start with headers: Serve, Protect, Manage, Communicate, Share and Publish your organization's data using well-reputed software and tools assembled for that purpose. Yes it does all that and frankly, after years of trying to find one tool to fit the small/medium business common needs without investing in licences and IT team to setup, support and maintain their computerized system it looks like a seriously valid option. Most of the time, organizations or businesses have a different purpose than managing servers, databases, teams, emails, social networks and security but they need to use, share and manipulate data to achieve their everyday goals. WikiSuite is a good candidate to help you lower the resources (budget and staff) as well as security and privacy stress (you are in control) without scarifying the quality of the tools your organization is working with and yes it competes in several sectors directly with Office 365 or Google Apps for Work.

How Social Media is transforming CRM

Bernard Sfez -

It’s big news these days for tech watchers: CRM software stalwarts are rapidly acquiring startups that enable businesses to manage the increasing number and variety of social media platforms better. Oracle (ORCL) bought Vitrue to help it publish and manage social media campaigns, and the company just announced the acquisition of Collective Intellect to help it monitor social chatter. Salesforce.com (CRM) purchased social media performance and sentiment tracking company Radian6 and now is acquiring Buddy Media, a Vitrue competitor.

So there is a big interest between Social Media and CRM and one can not be handled properly anymore without understanding the second.
Here a small and easy to digest approach to understand how it can benefit your business.