Hello, my name is Bernard Sfez and I am a freelancer full of energy! I build web sites and Tiki Wiki online projects.

Freelance developer/integrator services :
  1. Collaborative content and data management online solutions.
  2. Complete and adaptable web applications ready to use in a day.
  3. Tiki Wiki; diagnostic, upgrade, installation and maintenance.
  4. Expertise in UI/UX, shopping and multilingual.
My customers enjoy these and many other services!

_quick start && budget

I have created several ready-to-use Web Applications to better control cost and schedule. They can be customised and you'll quickly enjoy a powerful application from your mobile device.

_power && expandability

Tiki Wiki is a powerful website builder. It is a flexible collection of tools you can enable and that interact together. Tiki Wiki is a future-proof open source software and you can test it for free.

_trust && reliability

I'm dedicated to customer satisfaction with years of experience in internet and web development. My Tiki Wiki services covers installation, support, upgrade, custom development, troubleshooting and project design. With a solid background in hosting and search engine optimisation I provide an effective presence on the web.

Pricing & Packages

I'm a freelancer and you can hire me for * per hour or choose a yearly package.

< Hourly rate

My hourly rate is based on real work and does not include initial brief or research. My invoices report date and time details and I log each session to calculate the time spent on each task. For long term-projects I can setup an extra layer of control per task so each task has its own scope, comments and duration thresholds. I work on a win/win basis and "best work delivery" compared to "fastest work delivery"... This picture worth a thousand words.

% Flat price yearly packages

My yearly and web apps packages include everything you need from the start to the end. The price and the tasks covered have been selected based on a long customer satisfaction tradition. As you pay ahead for a year I include a nice discount so it makes this fair for both sides. And, should you need a little extra, we can just add another couple of hours at my hourly rate.

Tiki Wiki Support

    • Server Configuration Check
    • Tiki Configuration Check
    • Database Optimisation
    • Troubleshooting (12h)
    • 1h support/month
    • Website Monitoring
    • Web Analytic
    • Backups Consulting

Tiki Wiki Site

    • Support & Hosting
    • Domain/SSL setup
    • Tiki Wiki Installation
    • Initial setup & training
    • 1h support
    • Website Monitoring
    • Web Analytic
    • Daily Backups

Web App

    • Ongoing updates and upgrades
    • Website adapted to mobile, tablet and smartTV
    • 12 month hosting and setup with SSL certificate
    • Graphic template adaptation (10h)
    • Online guide and training session (1h)
    • Web monitoring, backup and free support (12h)

Tiki Express Tutorials

I'm publishing tutorials to help new comers and developers on Tiki Wiki.
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What I'm made of ?

I have a positive attitude, analytical thinking and out of the box approach as needed. I'm curious, I like to build things and to push the limits.

I'm a hard worker, determined and passionate with enough experience to consider risks and objectives in an evolving market. People like to work with me because I increase the amount of positive vibrations in the work place. I don't consider a problem a bad thing, but an opportunity to improve or enhance. I have strong morals and ethics and I'm someone you can trust. My customers and friends knows I uphold respect and loyalty in life as fundamental values.

What I'm good at ?

Entrepreneurial and result-oriented I'm able to manage a project from end to end. Using multidisciplinary approach and with 20 years of experience in internet and digital communication I address challenges with modern and effective solutions.

I serve customers and achieve long terms goals working with segmented tasks list for a better control of the cost and the development timeframe. I'm involved in FLOSS and open-source projects and an active contributor to Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware (Consultant and Project Administrator).

Skills && Strengths_

  • Determination to achieve objectives turning problems into opportunities.
  • Ability to analyze, understand and consider the needs and limits of the client's organization.
  • Solution designer including architecture, process and technical specifications.
  • Ability to sit on the user side to properly (UI/UX) design solution and workflow.
  • Capacity to apprehend global impact while planning architecture and writing specifications.
  • Proven ability to communicate and coordinate development teams (local or global).
  • Committed and partner my approach is win/win: "the success of your project is also mine".
  • Rich artistic and sportive life nourishing an inventive brain and can-do attitude.

What's caught my attention lately (blog) ?

Interesting and easy to digest information thoughtfully curated or created by me.

Troubleshooting Tiki Wiki, Requirements and Server settings

Author: Bernard Sfez - Published

In this Tiki Express Tutorial we'll see together where to find Tiki Requirements, how we can display php, mySQL and the servers settings from Tiki23.
This is the first of a mini-series to help admin when their Tiki is not working as expected.
In this TikiWiki tutorial we will focus on requirements and Tiki server check.

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