Kindergarten, Nursery, Preschool Activities, Day camps Web App management

This web app manage online subscriptions and payments, activities and publications, employees timesheet and reports.

With this mobile application ou will be able from your fingertips to manage, visualise and share information with the parents and your team. It is a modern tool for kindergartens, nurseries, scholar and extra-scholar activities, holidays camps, etc. It is regularly updated and can be adjusted and tailored to suit your needs.

/monthly cost*

Order and start working
  • Registration and user management
  • Calendar with holidays and events
  • Private/Public pictures and Videos galleries
  • Holidays camps and special events registration
  • Recipes, menus and nutrition policy
  • Parents Hub and communication
  • Parents testimonials
  • Payments and orders dashboard
  • Automatic payment reminder
  • Terms and conditions acceptance
  • Suppliers, emergency and administrative contacts
  • Team area with information and clockwork
  • Employees working hours report
  • Accounting monthly reports
  • Adapted to mobile, tablet and smartTV
  • Multilingual (includes right to left languages)
  • 12 month hosting and setup with SSL certificate
  • Graphic template adaptation (10h)
  • Online guide and training session (1h)
  • Web monitoring, backup and free support (12h)
Web App Renewal /monthly cost*
    • Third party services renewal
    • Tiki Maintenance
    • Tiki Upgrades
    • 1h support per month
    • Website Monitoring
    • Daily Backups

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