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Tiki Wiki is a toolbox web-based software that create easily web applications.

  • Collaborative websites
  • Knowledge database
  • Content management system
  • Technical information
  • Training and Elearning sites
  • Membership based websites
  • Records catalog management
  • Shop or Online Cart
  • Forums and Discussions
  • Events and Calendar system
  • Geolocation and Map application
  • Multilingual Article or blog

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What is it ?

Tiki Wiki is a website generator using an all-in-one model that incorporates nearly every feature into the main code base. Designed for a tight integration of features content and data can be re-used content in different areas by other features. Tiki Wiki is an Open Source web application combining the features of a wiki (pages), a data management system (trackers) and a wide panel of components (files, calendar, mails, forums, etc.). For example, you can create a file gallery or a list of users and use those data nearly anywhere else, on your pages, forms, listing, shops, etc.

The Tiki features are enhanced with a dozens of sub-features (categories, comments, notifications, etc) and hundreds of options and parameters. Working together and integrated to other tools and modules (permissions, themes, scheduler) it is a real all-in-one answer to the actual challenges of the digital communication and collaboration. The core design ensures that upgrades are easy as everything is released together feature are always working together and no plugin update will break another plugin.

Tiki Wiki features
Tiki Wiki features

Who did it ?

There is no a single "who". Tiki is an Open Source project build by a community of passionated people with different skills, language and way of thinking. Started in 2002 with, back then, a very original approach of collaborative development, the Do-ocracy, it has more than a millions lines of code today. Developed in the Wiki Way, without centralisation, the project is open to anyone able to code, report, design, communicate or add-in documentation.

More than just coders, the member of the Tiki community meets regularly virtually and in real life, during the TikiFest an opportunity to socialize, code, discuss about Tiki and related technology and to share culture experiences.

Who use it ?

Organizations and companies use Tiki to manage their data online and through their intranet as a website or online portal but also as CMS, CRM or ERP. Tiki is flexible and a bit hard to keep in a little cell but it is a mature and popular application and it has been regularly selected as top 10 in dozens of categories (Wordpress alternatives, Collaboration application, Wiki, Forum and many others...)

What does it do ?

Well... It would have been easier to tell you what it doesn't do.

Tiki Wiki has very powerful and developed features like the Trackers, the Notifications or the Wiki pages, and it is enhanced almost every 6 month with a feature revamp or new capabilities (OCR build in, HP5, diagram) and other very advanced technologies. Born in the Wiki era, it was made for collaborative work between users, teams and groups. It include authoring, wiki syntax, staggered editing and submission (with approval), several layers of permissions, action logs, mails notifications and video conferencing tools integration. A propos, technologies, Tiki Wiki developed primarily in PHP/MySQL uses also JavaScript, the Zend Framework, Smarty, jQuery, ElasticSearch, StreetMap, etc. Tiki Wiki is part of the most comprehensive and integrated Open Source enterprise software suite, WikiSuite.

Tiki Wiki features
Tiki Wiki features
Tiki Wiki features
Tiki Wiki features
Tiki Wiki features
Tiki Wiki features
Tiki Wiki features
Tiki Wiki features
Tiki Wiki features
Tiki Wiki features
Tiki Wiki features

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