Community and Club membership management application

Empower and federate your online community, club members or fans group through a complete set of tools and social network features.

Manage members and membership access and renewal using easy to set options including a Paypal® payment. Amplify members engagement by allowing users to work together, collaborate and share their ideas with others via private and open groups. Ease your community managers role with an active community where you can promote users to editors and so allowing them to participate in providing information and news through articles, blog post, calendar of events and Newsletters. This web app includes a surveys and a quiz feature plus a broadcast communication system to send direct message to your users profile area (or directly to their email).

Price for Life !
/month* Billed annually
* Members subscriptions and user management
  • Paypal® payment (default, not limited to)
  • News and articles fully integrated feature
  • Forums, discussions and comments
  • Newsletters features (per group of users)
  • Calendars and events (per group of members)
  • Stagging and submission approval management
  • Watches and notifications on event
  • Files management (images, video and PDF)
  • Terms and conditions acceptance
  • Social Network and RSS feed integration
  • Usage and visitors statistics
  • Dedicated Web application
  • 5h project coordination
  • Cloud hosting setup
  • MariaDB installation
  • Control panel setup
  • Git repository
  • Graphic adaptation (10h)
  • Design desktop/mobile
  • SSL certificate setup
  • Search Engine Friendly settings
  • Tiki Wiki Installation
  • Initial parameters setup
  • Website publication
  • Tiki performances
  • Tiki security settings
  • Regular upgrades
  • Website Monitoring
  • Web Analytic setup
  • Daily Backups
  • Online guide and training (3h)
  • 1h Support (monthly)
  • 12 month hosting
Price for Life !
/month* Billed annually

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Community online manager application to turn users into active members or paid subscribers.